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Posted: 8/1/2023

Plant Basics Small Batch Launch a Success

The inaugural launch of the Plant Basics pea protein small batch “Bits and Bites” was a success - the product launched in late July and the 500 bags produced were nearly sold out by early August.

Plant Basics is’s proprietary meat substitute and plant based seasoning brand. Plant Basics textured proteins, called Hearty Plant Protein, are the same proteins used to make the big name brand meat alternatives but without all the added ingredients. Hearty Plant Protein contains only 1 ingredient: soy protein or pea protein.

Plant Basics currently has 4 varieties in the regular lineup: Strips, Chunks, and Ground are made of soy protein, and Crumbles are made of pea protein.

Plant Basics Hearty Plant Protein

Customers like Crumbles so much they’ve asked for more pea protein varieties, so we’re working on developing larger sizes of textured pea protein. We're testing and tweaking to get the perfect texture and shape. We released the fourth recipe we worked on as a small batch called “Bits and Bites.”

Plant Basics Hearty Plant Protein Small Batch

Fake Meats customers were excited to try this limited small batch production, and had high praise about the texture and tenderness of the pea protein:

I’m blown away by the texture of this stuff... it's really nice and tender, no odd taste and it's 100% made from pea protein!! All PLANTS!!
I really love this Plant Basics protein, it has a very nice texture when hydrated. It absorbs the flavors nicely
I received my order of the Bits and Bites. Please don’t EVER stop selling these. They’re so good! These have the best consistency. A much more meaty texture. I love them!
I swear, if you didn't already know it was vegan, you would never know.

If you missed the inaugural small batch launch, don’t worry - there will be more in the future as we continue to work on getting that perfect texture and shape! And the classic Strips, Chunks, Ground, and Crumbles will continue to be available on

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Check out a Plant Basics pea protein small batch video review: