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Posted: 12/29/2022

New Plant Based Seasoning from Plant Basics - Coming Soon!

Fake Meats is developing an exclusive line of plant based seasoning to compliment our popular Plant Basics meat substitutes!

We’re always excited to try new meat substitutes, but sometimes they have a long list of ingredients, and we want something a bit simpler. So we took it “back to the basics” and developed our own brand called Plant Basics.

Plant Basics - Hearty Plant Protein

Plant Basics Hearty Plant Protein

Plant Basics textured proteins, called Hearty Plant Protein, are the same proteins used to make the big name brand meat alternatives but without all the added ingredients. Our Hearty Plant Protein contains only 1 ingredient: soybeans or pea protein. All of our Plant Basics Hearty Plant Proteins come unflavored to give you more control in the kitchen.

And now it’s going to be even easier to recreate your favorite meals by adding one of our new Plant Basics plant based seasonings. Our first three seasonings also go “back to the basics” with - beef, chicken, and ham.

Plant Basics - Plant Based Seasoning

Plant Basics Seasoning

These seasonings have the best meat-like flavor on the market, and are made of all plant based ingredients. They’re vegan, gluten free, soy free, kosher, and non-gmo. Buy a single sachet or a pack of 12. Each sachet is 2 oz and contains 19 servings (about 1 tsp each serving). The perfect addition to your seasoning cabinet.

These plant based seasonings are simple to use! You can make a flavorful broth; 1 tsp of seasonings makes 1 cup of broth. Add them to soup for a deeper, richer, delicious, hearty flavor. Or season any protein while sauteing. If you are making Plant Basics Hearty Plant Protein, follow the instructions to hydrate the protein, drain it, then saute it in oil, and sprinkle the seasoning on top. Make the most realistic beef chunks, ground beef, ham salad, chicken strips, and much much more! Also works great to season tofu! Simple, quick, and delicious.

We are excited to be packaging this plant based seasoning in-house, at our Illinois headquarters. We’re currently testing packaging and configuring the machines and expect to have the seasoning products available to buy in February 2023.

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