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Posted: 4/1/2023 Attends Natural Product Expo West

Natural Products Expo West is the tradeshow to attend to see and try the newest plant based products, and Fake Meats attended for the first time this year!

2023 Expo West Banner in Anaheim California

Natural Product Expo West is the largest natural, organic, and health products tradeshow in the USA, with 65,000+ attendees and over 3,000 exhibitors from around the world. The expo offers keynote speakers, training, social events, and a ginormous tradeshow in the Anaheim, California Convention Center.

The expo opened on Wednesday March 8th and the Fake Meats team visited the Hot Products tradeshow area in the North Hall.

While sampling new & innovative plant based products, the team also met up with long time brand partners:

Fake Meats and Edward and Sons at Expo West

At the Edward & Sons booth, they discussed top selling products, and new bouillon flavors. carries a large variety of Edward & Sons vegan bouillons, sauces (including a vegan worcestershire!), coconut milk & creams, and jackfruit - they cover the bases on savory and sweet.

Fake Meats and Noble Jerky at Expo West

The Fake Meats team chatted with Noble Jerky co-founders (and brothers!), Stefan & Claudio Urbani, at the Noble Jerky booth. Noble Jerky is Fake Meats’s go-to when someone asks “what vegan jerky should I try first?” Noble Jerky recently added a sugar-free keto-friendly jerky, so their offerings are even more versatile than before.

Noble Vegan Jerky Combo Pack Keto

The Urbani brothers also told the team about the vegan steak they are working on, called “Misteak.” The Fake Meats team is excited to try it!

Fake Meats and Pan's Mushroom Jerky at Expo West

The team stopped at the Pan’s Mushroom Jerky booth and met with owner, Michael Pan. Pan’s Mushroom Jerky is the first mushroom jerky that has a great meaty texture. Michael hinted at new flavors that may be coming (exciting!) and they discussed future collaborations.

On Thursday March 9th, the entire tradeshow opened, and Fake Meats visited all halls in the convention center and met with more long time brand partners.

Fake Meats and Tofu Town at Expo West

At the TofuTown booth, the Fake Meats team chatted with the Commercial Director and North American sales director about some of their products that doesn’t carry yet, and future partnership ideas. Tofutown has been even more popular on after they recently rebranded with a new name and packaging and made all of their products shelf stable.

Fake Meats and Dandies at Expo West

The Fake Meats team met with fellow Chicagoland company Dandies and got a sneak peek at two new products - marshmallow cream and giant campsite marshmallows! Dandies has been making vegan rice krispies & s’mores a reality for years, and the Fake Meats team especially loves all the innovative flavors they come out with seasonally.

Dandies Marshmallow Cream

Fake Meats and Uptons Naturals at Expo West

The last brand partner visit was with another fellow Chicagoland company - Upton’s Naturals. Upton’s makes plant-based meats and meals and the team discussed beginning to carry them on

Fake Meats and Uptons Naturals at Expo West

The Fake Meats’s team first Expo West experience was a success. The team tried a lot of new and exciting products. Stay tuned to see what they decide to add to!

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