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Posted: 3/1/2023

TofuTown Plant Based Meat is Now Shelf Stable

Plant-based living keeps getting easier! The popular Viana products have rebranded as TofuTown and the new packaging is 100% shelf stable. That’s right - no more making room in the refrigerator, packing a cooler with ice on the road trip, or paying for cold shipping - every TofuTown Plant Based Meat product is pantry ready!

Viana TofuTown Plant Based Meat

TofuTown’s huge line of Shelf Stable Plant Based Meat products has something for everyone! And all of their products are 100% organic and non-GMO.

Looking for a family friendly option? Keep a package of the TofuTown Plant Based Meat Vegan Nuggets in your pantry. These tasty breaded vegan nuggets cook fast and pair well with your favorite dipping sauces - or plain, if you have a picky eater!

Do you have a meat-eater coming over for dinner? Check out the TofuTown Plant Based Vegan Steaks. Pair these high-protein plant-based steaks with their favorite comfort foods (mashed potatoes, vegan mac n’cheese, dinner rolls… you get the idea!) and you’ll have a pleased guest!

Viana TofuTown Vegan Chickin Nuggets Viana TofuTown Vegan Steaks

Are you getting tired of burgers but want something easy? Order the TofuTown Plant Based Vegan Chikin Fillets. Enjoy it on its own with your favorite sauce, or put it on a bun with some vegan mayo, lettuce, and pickles. Delicious!

Are you packing a picnic or tailgating? Throw some TofuTown Plant Based Vegan Bratwurst or Smoked Vegan Frankfurters in your bag! Grill them then put out everyone’s favorite toppings so they can build a bratwurst or frankfurter their way!

Viana TofuTown Vegan Chickin Fillets Viana TofuTown Vegan Bratwurst Viana TofuTown Frankfurters

Want to impress with a fun appetizer? Try the TofuTown Plant Based Vegan Mini Wieners. Pick up a can of vegan croissants and wrap up the wieners, bake them, and pair them with a vegan cheese dipping sauce. Or put them in a crockpot with some BBQ sauce for delicious finger food.

Craving Mediterranean food? Stock up on the TofuTown Plant Based Mediterranean Rolls or Plant Based Gyros. Chop up some peppers and onions, season them and the Mediterranean Rolls, then put them on skewers and grill them. Or sauté the Gyro meat with your favorite spices and put them in a pita with some vegan tzatziki sauce, lettuce, tomato, and onion. Yum!

Want to get back to your vegan roots? Stock up on the TofuTown Plant Based Super Firm Plain Tofu or Super Firm Smoked Tofu. Toss the plain tofu in your favorite stir fry and season it however you’d like! Or try the delicious smoked tofu on a decadent sandwich. No Tofu Press required! These are ready to go when you open them.

Start shopping for these Plant Based Meats today at And don’t forget to add some of their original Snack Sausages into your cart - they’re the perfect go to snack!

Viana TofuTown Super Firm Tofu Viana TofuTown Snack Sausages

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