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Posted: 5/1/2023

The 5 Best-Selling Noble Vegan Jerky Flavors You Should Try

Vancouver, Canada-based Urbani Foods launched plant-based Noble jerky in 2018 with a specific goal - to provide a meat-alternative as identical in taste and texture to dried beef jerky as possible. Urbani Foods had the expertise to make it - they’d been an animal-based salami company for 50 years before pivoting to making plant-based meats, to support sustainable agriculture.

“I wouldn’t compare Noble jerky to other vegan dried meat replacements. It is a product developed with years of meat expertise that has never been applied to a plant product in this way before,” said CEO Claudio Urbani in a press statement.

Noble Jerky was a success as soon as it was launched in 2018, and Noble continues to be a top-seller on Vegans, vegetarians, and meat-eaters alike love the taste, and realistic texture and tear of the jerky.

Noble Jerky texture

Noble Jerky is soy-based, high-protein, and originally launched with four flavors - teriyaki, chipotle, sweet BBQ, and original - and has added several more flavors to their lineup. See all of the available Noble vegan jerkies on

The Top 5 Noble Vegan Jerky Flavors:

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5) Noble Vegan Jerky - Smokehouse

This cruelty-free jerky has a rich, smokey flavor that tastes like this jerky was in the smokehouse for hours. It’s the perfect blend of spices and smokey flavor!

4) Noble Vegan Jerky - Smokey - No Sugar Added

Want the delicious smokehouse taste but are watching your sugar intake? NOBLE has you covered with their No Sugar Added Smokey keto-friendly flavor!

3) Noble Vegan Jerky - Sticky Hickory

This hickory seasoned jerky is saucy and delicious. Who cares if your hands are all sticky if it means you have a little something extra to lick off your fingers when you’re sad your bag of jerky is all gone?

2) Noble Vegan Jerky - Original

Go back to the basics! This premium marinated jerky has a classic garlic & pepper seasoning that’ll take you back to your jerky roots.

1) Noble Vegan Jerky - Sweet BBQ

This premium marinated jersey is seasoned sweet and tangy, with a saucy BBQ. Good luck only eating one serving. We recommend buying a few bags!

Noble Jerky texture

All Noble Vegan Jerky flavors are available on in individual bags, multi-packs of one flavor, and in multi-flavor bundles. There’s even a Noble Vegan Jerky gift set you can send to your favorite vegan, vegan-curious, or meat-eater to give it a try!

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