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Posted: 10/24/2023

The 3 Best Pan's Mushroom Jerky Flavors You Should Try

Pan's Mushroom Jerky was founded by Michael Pan in the Pacific Northwest in 2018, and is inspired by a family recipe. Years earlier, when Pan was visiting family in Malaysia, he discovered a mushroom snack they’d been making for decades.

Many of Pan’s family members are vegetarian Buddhists, and wanted a snack with an amazing taste and a meaty texture. They discovered mushrooms are a wonderful replacement for meat - they have a satisfying taste and texture, and are a great source of vitamins, fiber, and antioxidants. .

Pan enjoyed the flavor and texture of the snack so much, he originally mistook it for pork, and was shocked to learn it was made of mushrooms. He then realized how special the recipe was, and that it needed to be shared with the rest of the world. After returning to the states, Pan went back to his full time engineering job, but continually worked on developing and testing the family recipe, until he was ready to launch Pan's Mushroom Jerky in 2018.

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In 2020, Michael Pan went on Shark Tank to try to convince one of the sharks to invest money in Pan’s Mushroom Jerky. The sharks all loved the jerky, and three of them were so interested in investing that they began fighting with each other and trying to convince Pan to choose them. Pan quickly thought on his feet and negotiated a deal with Mark Cuban.

The Shark Tank fame launched Pan’s Mushroom Jerky even further into the public eye, making it one of the most sought-after vegan jerkies on the market.

Today Pan’s Mushroom Jerky is produced in Portland, Oregon and is many folks’ go-to vegan mushroom jerky. Pan’s Mushroom Jerky comes in six flavors - Original, Zesty Thai, Sea Salt & Pepper, Applewood BBQ, Teriyaki, and Curry - and are available to order from as an individual bag, in a 6-pack, or a combo pack. All six flavors are made from shitake mushrooms, have a unique umami taste and satisfying chewiness, and are vegan, gluten free, cholesterol free, soy free, paleo, and a great source of fiber and vitamin D.

Pan’s Mushroom Jerky is convenient for fuel on the go, great on a snack plate or charcuterie board, and a wonderful addition in pastas, salads, and on avocado toast. has proudly sold their entire lineup since launching in 2018. Try a single bag or all of them in a combo pack from today!

The Top 3 Pan's Mushroom Jerky Flavors:

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3) Pan’s Mushroom Jerky - Applewood BBQ

The Applewood BBQ Mushroom Jerky brings a smoky, barbecue-infused twist to the Pan's lineup. It combines shiitake mushrooms with the rich flavors of applewood-smoked sea salt and a harmonious blend of spices. With a complex flavor profile that balances sweet, savory, and smoky notes, this variety is perfect for those who enjoy a hearty barbecue experience without the meat.

2) Pan’s Mushroom Jerky - Zesty Thai

Zesty Thai Mushroom Jerky is a journey for your taste buds. It combines the earthy goodness of shiitake mushrooms with the bold and exotic flavors of Thai cuisine. This flavor offers a perfect balance of sweet, spicy, and tangy notes, along with a hint of lemon peel and coconut. This flavor is perfect for those who appreciate a little heat in their snacks while exploring the unique and vibrant flavors of Thai cuisine.

1) Pan’s Mushroom Jerky - Original

Pan's Original Mushroom Jerky captures the essence of umami with its classic flavor profile. It offers a delightful blend of shiitake mushrooms, soy sauce, and a hint of sweetness. This original variety is a testament to the company's roots and is sure to please traditional jerky enthusiasts.

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