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Posted: 1/31/2023

Pick Up Your Fake Meats Order in Gurnee, IL

We’ve all been there - we get a craving for our favorite vegan jerky or candy and we want it today - we don’t want to wait for it to come in the mail. Or, you distinctly remember your partner saying they’d pick up the vegan roast for tonight’s dinner party...but when you opened the fridge this morning, it wasn’t in there (you checked the freezer too).

Great news - is now offering local pickup from our northern Chicagoland location! is the largest online shop of vegetarian and vegan meats and treats and we’re offering Fake Meats Local Pickup on all of our products - jerky, meat substitutes (including refrigerated & frozen items), egg replacers, sweets, seasonings, & accessories - if you see if on, you can order it for local pickup!

Fake Meats Local Pickup is an excellent choice for local customers, local vegan/vegetarian clubs picking up for group events, visitors to the area, and last minute pickups. You can even pick up items the same day you’ve ordered them!

Fake Meats Local Pickup is conveniently located:

  • in Gurnee, Illinois; near Libertyville, Illinois; Grayslake, Illinois; Kenosha, Wisconsin
  • in Lake County, Illinois; near Cook County, Illinois, McHenry County, Illinois; & Kenosha County, Wisconsin
  • a short 45 minute drive from Chicago, Illinois or Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Fake Meats Local Pickup is EASY to use. You load your cart with delicious Fake Meats items like you normally would, then select the local pickup options during checkout. You select a date and time from the list, then you receive a confirmation email with the Gurnee, IL pickup address & instructions.

Using Fake Meats Local Pickup is a great way to avoid shipping costs for smaller orders ( offers free shipping for large orders) and to avoid refrigerated shipping costs. During checkout, you can choose to supply your own bag, and we’ll keep your items cold until you arrive!

Fake Meats Local Pickup

What are you waiting for? Try Fake Meats Local Pickup today! We’re looking forward to meeting you!

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