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Posted: 12/8/2023

The 4 Best Go Max Go Vegan Candy Bars You Should Try

Go Max Go Foods was founded in Portland, Oregon by Scott and Susan Ostrander in 2009. The Ostranders craved vegan versions of their favorite classic candy bars and thought “maybe we can do this ourselves!” They went on to create a large variety of vegan candy bars that have the luscious flavors of traditional treats, but without dairy, eggs, hydrogenated oils, trans fats, artificial ingredients, or cholesterol.

The Ostranders wanted to start their own business for several years, but none of their ideas truly resonated until they thought of the candy bars. Surely, other vegans, like themselves, were craving the classic candy bars they grew up with in a veganized version. Using Scott’s background in vegan natural foods, they first developed a take on the candy bar they were craving the most, a Snickers bar, and they created the Jokerz vegan candy bar - a delicious combination of caramel, nougat, and roasted peanuts, all enveloped in a layer of dairy-free chocolate. They worked on Twilight, Buccaneer, and Mahalo next, and prepared to launch the four bars together in the start of 2009.

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Go Max Go’s first ad for their vegan candy bars debuted in the January/February 2009 issue of VegNews Magazine. Advertising the four “new” classics, and saying “your taste buds will never know the difference,” the vegan community was instantly eager to try them. But due to production difficulties, Go Max Go was not able to launch on time. The vegan internet community was abuzz about the candy bars and flooded Go Max Go’s inbox with inquiries about their availability. When they finally launched in May, they were in high demand, and a customer base was ready for them, just as the Ostranders had predicted.

The Ostranders are passionate animal lovers and have honored their dogs with their company name and several of their candy bar names. Go Max Go is named for their dog Max, whose fierce determination motivated them to have the same tenacity when creating their candy bars and bringing their company dream to reality. His favorite cheer - “Go Max Go!” - perfectly fit for their company name. Cleo’s Peanut Butter Cups are named for Max’s girlfriend Cleo, and Major is named after one of their current dogs, Major.

Over the years, Go Max Go moved production to the northeastern USA and added six more vegan candy bars to their line-up, with more planned in the future.

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There are currently ten varieties of Go Max Go vegan candy bars - Jokerz, Thumbs Up, Buccaneer, 2fer, Twilight, Major, Mahalo, Snap!, Cleo’s, and Cleo’s White . All ten varieties are available to order from as individual packages, a 12-pack of single serve packages, or as a combo pack. All ten are vegan, made from non-GMO ingredients, have no artificial ingredients, or hydrogenated oils or trans fat, no corn syrup and are naturally cholesterol free. All varieties are gluten free except 2fer, which has a crunchy shortbread cookie base.

The compact size, vibrant packaging, and diverse flavors of Go Max Go candy bars make them great gifts, stocking stuffers, or additions to gift baskets. Share them with your vegan friends and family and anyone who likes chocolate bars or has a sweet tooth - these delicious candy bars are for everyone! Or enjoy one by yourself - their single-serving convenience and portability also makes them perfect for on-the-go snacking, providing a quick and indulgent energy boost.

Go Max Go candy bars are the go-to candy bars for many vegans and non-vegans and has proudly sold their entire lineup since 2021. Try an individual package or all of them in a combo pack from today!

The Top 4 Go Max Go Candy Bars:

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4) Go Max Go - Twilight

Looking for a fluffy nougat and buttery-tasting caramel combo? The Twilight candy bar layers the rich, indulgent flavor of caramel over the sweetness of a nougat, and wraps it up in a creamy, chocolatey, dairy-free coating.

3) Go Max Go - Thumbs Up

If you love a crunchy bar then the Thumbs Up is for you! This candy bar features a crispy peanut butter center in a rice-milk chocolatey coating, providing a satisfying light, crispy crunch with every bite you take.

2) Go Max Go - 2fer

Can’t decide if you want a cookie or a candy bar? Try the 2fer - it offers a crunchy shortbread cookie layered with a rich buttery tasting caramel all wrapped up in a sublime chocolatey coating, creating a harmonious contrast of flavors.

1) Go Max Go - Jokerz

If your perfect candy bar is all about the peanuts, try Jokerz. This candy bar has an irresistible combination of caramel, nougat, and roasted peanuts, all enveloped in a layer of dairy-free chocolate. Jokerz is continually the top seller and most popular vegan candy bar on!

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