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Shipping and Returns
Are there import fees/duties/taxes/restrictions when shipping internationally?
  The purchaser (importer) is responsible for the package once it leaves our facility.

Please research the destination country's import guidelines before placing your order. Your package is subject to the import laws of the country to which it is shipped. Fake Meats, LLC is not responsible for any import duties, taxes, fees, handling fees, damages, delays, restrictions/rejections, or any additional charges after your package has been shipped from our facility.

Once a package has left our facility it is the property and responsibility of the purchaser. Rejected, delayed, and/or damaged packages will most likely not be returned to us. As a courtesy, any packages that are returned to us will be held for up to 15 days while we await instructions from the purchaser (purchaser is responsible for arranging for new shipping). If the purchaser does not contact us during the holding period, the package will be disposed of.

All claims due to damage, loss, delay, and/or additional fees, must be filed with the package carrier and/or customs. Shipping charges are non-refundable.

All sales are in USD, and Fake Meats, LLC is not responsible for any additional exchange rates/fees/etc.

Please read the terms for international orders for more details.
Can I ship to a PO Box?
  We recommend using the street address format for your PO Box:

Line 1: Your post office street address
Line 2: Box ###
Line 3: City, State Zip

For larger/heavier orders, we may use a courier that does not deliver to PO Boxes. If we are unable to ship your order to a PO box, we will contact you for an alternate address.
Do these items require refrigerated shipping?
  Most products sold on are shelf-stable, meaning they do not require refrigeration (some require refrigeration after they have been opened). If you live in an extremely hot environment, we recommend having your order delivered to an address where someone can bring the package inside quickly, so it doesn't sit in your hot mail box or porch all day.
I typed the wrong shipping address on my order, what should I do?
  If the order has not yet shipped, please contact us ASAP! If the order has already shipped, you can use the tracking details to contact USPS or FedEx to try to reroute the package. USPS and FedEx offer rerouting services through their websites. We cannot re-ship food items, and we cannot be held responsible for replacing orders shipped to the incorrect address.
My package wasn't delivered, what should I do?
  Please check the tracking information provided in the shipping confirmation email and/or on your account page. You can use the tracking details to contact your local post office or FedEx office to try to track down the package. Unfortunately packages that are "un-deliverable as addressed" are typically destroyed by the delivery service due to the sensitive nature of food shipping, but you may be able to track down the package before it departs your local post office if you contact them soon enough.
When will my order ship?
  Orders typically ship in 24-48 business hours after payment is received. You will receive a tracking email when your order ships.
Do you ship to my country?
  We are located in the USA, and we currently ship to the following countries:
  • Australia
  • Canada
  • Hong Kong
  • Israel
  • Jamaica
  • Japan
  • Marshall Islands
  • New Zealand
  • Norway
  • Puerto Rico
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Singapore
  • South Korea
  • Switzerland
  • US Virgin Islands
  • US Military
  • USA
Please check our shipping calculator in the shopping cart for the most up to date list! To see if we ship to you, load the shopping cart with products and search for your country in the shipping calculator at the bottom of the shopping cart.

If your address is not available in our system, please let us know! We are always growing, so we might ship to your country next!
What are my shipping charges?
  Shipping charges are based on order weight, volume, and distance traveled. Shipping is automatically calculated at the bottom of the shopping cart. Just load the cart with the items you want, then tell us the shipping state and zip code. There is no need to supply your credit card info for a shipping quote.
What is the return policy?
  Please see our Returns Page for complete details regarding our return policy.